Amin Yousefi (Abadan, 1996) lives and works in Tehran. He holds a BA in Photography from the Art University of Isfahan. He has participated in several international group exhibitions and national awards and prizes. In 2019 he was selected as an Ag Galerie Talent for his work titled, “Life, Death and other Similar Things” which was exhibited in a solo show at Ag Galerie. A native of Abadan in the province of Khuzestan, Iran’s most oil-rich region and the scene for Iran’s bloody war with neighboring Iraq, Yousefi’s work deals with themes related to the cityscape, environment, humanity and effects of war and how the act of photography can conceptually mirror the structures of these relationships.

2019 BA in Photography, Department of Photography, Art University of Isfahan

2019 Life, Death And Other Similar Things, Ag Galerie, Tehran, Iran
2018 Untitled Photographs, Negaresh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

2021 Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 Ag Talent 2019, 0/1 Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2019 Determinism Vol.2, Taropod Gallery, Shiraz, Iran
2019 Determinism Vol.1, Negaresh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2018 An Artistic Conscience in an Ill Body, Negaresh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2018 The Search, Naqsh Khaneh Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2017 Four Seasons, Sayan Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2016 The Paradise, Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Iran
2016 The 5th Iranology Foundation Exhibition, Iranology Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016 The 4th “1PIX” Selection Photography Exhibition, Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, Iran
2015 The Threnody, University of Meshkin Shahr, Mehskin Shahr, Iran
2015 The Threnody, Hozhabr Gallery, Khoram Abad, Iran
2015 Beautiful Khuzestan, Ahwaz Museum of Contemporary Art, Ahwaz, Iran
2014 Best Photos of the Year, Doorbinet Agency, Museum of Imam Ali, Tehran, Iran

2021 Shortlist, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2020 Shortlist, MEETing Photo Festival, Online
2019 Finalist, Ag Talent, Ag Galerie, Tehran, Iran
2018 Finalist, 7th Firoozeh Photography Festival, Tabriz, Iran
2018 Finalist, 8th Firoozeh Photography Festival, Tabriz, Iran
2016 Finalist, The First International Photography Festival of Society and Religion, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Shortlist, 4th Festival Khane-e-Doost, Mashhad, Tehran
2016 Finalist, The 5th Iranology Foundation Photo Festival and Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2015 Finalist, The Bucovina International Photo Festival, Bucovina, Romania
2014 First Place, The 1st National Art Tourism Festival with an Economic and Cultural Approach

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