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Ashes and Snow [2023]
Eyes Dazzle As They Search for The Truth [2022]
Life, Death, and Other Similar Things [2019]

Amin Yousefi was born in 1996 in Abadan, Iran, and holds an MA in Photography from the University of Westminster. He lives and works as a writer, researcher, and image-based artist in London. He has participated in several group exhibitions and prizes, including recently being named a 2024 Foam Talent Award winner. His recent project, "Eyes Dazzle as They Search for the Truth," was selected as a finalist of the Carte Blanche Awards at Paris Photo in 2022. It was subsequently shown with Ag Galerie at the Unseen Art Fair 2023 in Amsterdam. His work has been published in magazines such as Hapax and Aperture, with the article in which he interviewed three artists on "What It Means to Make Photographs as a Young Artist in Iran." Yousefi has also undertaken compelling commission works, including the project "Ruderal Acts, Gardening Beyond the Wall," showcased as part of the HerMAP Art Project at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium. He was also selected as an Ag Talent for his "Life, Death, and Other Similar Things" project in 2019, exhibited in a solo show at the Ag Galerie. Yousefi has an upcoming display in June 2024 with the Belfast Photo Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A native of Abadan in the province of Khuzestan, Iran's most oil-rich region, and the scene of a bloody war with neighbouring Iraq, Yousefi's work examines the event of photography through the socio-political aspect of the medium. His primary concern lies in the implications of the archive, exploring violence against protests in the Middle East enacted by the state and how the act of photography can conceptually mirror the structures of these relationships.

Photographie : les jeunes talents s'exposent à "Circulations
Carine Dolek,  Tv5 Monde , April 2024

Amin Yousefi in Conversation with David Campany

Photographer’s Gallery, Talk, London, March 2024

Amin Yousefi – Eyes Dazzle as they Search For the Truth
Article by David Campany, Foam Magazine #65, February 2024

Lo sguardo oltre i confini del tempo di Amin Yousefi
Article by Manuela Accinno, Black Camera, February 2024

The next edition of the Circulation(s) festival
PhMuseum, February2024

PRE-ORDER Foam Magazine #65: Talent
FOAM Magazine, February2024

Foam proudly presents the work of 20 artist
FOAM Amsterdam, February2024

What Our Students Say: Amin Yousefi
University of Westminster, February 2024

Les Boutographies 2024
Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier,  January 2024

Artist Feature, Amin Yousefi

PHROOM, January 2024

The Fetart is pleased to reveal the artists of the 14th edition
FetArt collective/Circulation(s), December 2023

Announcing Foam Talent 2024-2025
FOAM Amsterdam, November 2023

Artist Feature of Amin Yousefi
Der Greif, November 2023

As You Should .Podcast with Amin Yousefi
Conversation with Michael Farra, November 2023

Galleries at UNSEEN fair
The Eye of Photography Magazine, September 2023

Guest Room: David Campany, Meanwhile
Der Greif, April 2023

Launch and prizes handed at the second town-wide festival
Susie Watkins, Frome News, June 2023

PhotoFrome is proud to launch the Student Awards
PhotoFrome, June 2023

University of Westminster Postgraduate Photography Show
Online Exhibition Walkthrough

University of Westminster, November 2022

Source: Graduate Photography Online Showcase 2022
Source Magazine, September 2022

Amin Yousefi was selected to work on a photographic project for the third issue of Hapax Magazine
University of Westminster, August 2022

University of Westminster student Amin Yousefi was selected as a Paris Photo Carte Blanche 2022 finalist
University of Westminster, July 2022

Paris Photo Carte Blanche Finalist
Paris Photo, July 2022

Issue 3 Artists and curator announced
Christiane Monarchi, Hapax Magazine, June 2022

In Conversation: Simindokht Dehghani and Amin Yousefi
Conversation by Simindokht Dehghani, June 2022

The Talents of Today, The Artists of Tomorrow
Article by Simindokht Dehghani, Tajrobeh Magazine, September 2022

Eyes Dazzle as They Search for the Truth
Article by Haleh Anvari, June 2022

LetKiss Magazine: Life, Death, and Other Similar Things
LetKiss Magazine, March 2020

Foam Magazine #65, Talent [2024]
Issue 65 brings together 20 innovative voices in photography from across the world. The selected artists create thoughtful reflections of our times: some allow us to see the world as it was through its archives, others bear witness to today’s sociopolitical affairs and some step into the future by inviting new technologies into their practice.

Der Greif Issue 16 [2023]

Der Greif and Shirin Neshat put out an open call inspired by the line “I am a common pain, scream me“ from Ahmad Shamlou‘s poem “Common Love,” which is printed on the inner cover of this issue. 1.500 artists and photographers from all over the world responded to this theme. The result is a poetic and multifaceted visual narration through 86 images on 100 sensitively layouted pages.

Aperture - In Iran, Death Has a Face [2022]
Photography is essential to Iranian mourning rituals, as pictures of the dead appear on street notices, tombstones, and memorials.

Hapax Magazine issue 3 [2022]
We have enjoyed putting this one together. We are excited for you to see the features inside by Amin Yousefi, Paulina Korobkiewicz, Immaculata Abba, Alexander Mourant, and Helen Sear, as well as new curation from Rica Cerbarano, bringing together work from Anthony Luvera, Gohar Dashti and Mentalgassi.

HerMap Art Project [2021]

The multimedia exhibition HerMaP Art Projects resulted from an online residency with 12 artists who researched the subjects of industrial heritage and living archives in Iran by analyzing a dialogue between Iran and Europe. This work was conducted in collaboration with a group of artists and researchers in Tehran.

Life, Death, and Other Similar Things [2019]
The sound of the fidoos horn is the familiar rising call of Iran's oil-producing regions, which signifies the beginning of the working day for the oil workers and the entire city. This is southwestern Khuzestan, with its three rivers and oil refinery, after the sound of the fidoos and before the unforgiving heat of its noontime sun. Khuzestan is Iran's most ancient region and the birthplace of its nation.

Ag Covid-19 Projects
Ag Galerie has produced videos collaborating with its artists during the Covid-19 pandemic. In collaboration with the gallery, artists such as Peyman Hooshmandzadeh, Parnian Ferdossi, Parisa Aminollahi, and Mohsen Yazdipour produced works in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Ag Galerie is a privately owned space in Tehran devoted to exhibiting and promoting image-based art through exhibitions, talks, and fairs.