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Ashes and Snow [2023]
Eyes Dazzle As They Search for The Truth [2022]
Life, Death, and Other Similar Things [2019]

Amin Yousefi was born in 1996 in Abadan, Iran, and holds an MA in Photography from the University of Westminster. He lives and works as a writer, researcher, and image-based artist in London. He has participated in several group exhibitions and prizes, including recently being named a 2024 Foam Talent Award winner. His recent project, "Eyes Dazzle as They Search for the Truth," was selected as a finalist of the Carte Blanche Awards at Paris Photo in 2022. It was subsequently shown with Ag Galerie at the Unseen Art Fair 2023 in Amsterdam. His work has been published in magazines such as Hapax and Aperture, with the article in which he interviewed three artists on "What It Means to Make Photographs as a Young Artist in Iran." Yousefi has also undertaken compelling commission works, including the project "Ruderal Acts, Gardening Beyond the Wall," showcased as part of the HerMAP Art Project at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium. He was also selected as an Ag Talent for his "Life, Death, and Other Similar Things" project in 2019, exhibited in a solo show at the Ag Galerie. Yousefi has an upcoming display in June 2024 with the Belfast Photo Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A native of Abadan in the province of Khuzestan, Iran's most oil-rich region, and the scene of a bloody war with neighbouring Iraq, Yousefi's work examines the event of photography through the socio-political aspect of the medium. His primary concern lies in the implications of the archive, exploring violence against protests in the Middle East enacted by the state and how the act of photography can conceptually mirror the structures of these relationships.

In Magnified Reflections - Der Greif

Artist Blog - December 2023

The decision to use photographs of the Islamic Revolution was for the purpose of answering these questions within the context of the most crucial event in the contemporary history of Modern Iran.

What It Means to Make Photographs as a Young Artist in Iran - Aperture

Conversation - September 2023

Three photographers discuss the challenges they face—both artistic and political—and the possibility of building new spaces for critique and discussion…

I know this Hair, as White as Snow, is not that of an Aged Man - University of Westminster

Essay - December 2022

Photography is an archival apparatus by nature, all the photographs we deal with every day eventually enter a classification that gives them the nature of an archival object…

It won’t Matter to us Since you won’t use our Film - University of Westminster

Essay - August 2022

The photographer is usually the one who is in control of the image being captured. The photographer chooses the mise-en-scène by choosing his own position…

Masculinity: The Male Body in Contemporary Photography of Iran - University of Westminster

Essay - May 2022

Photography as an artistic practice was introduced to Iran about eight years after it was invented in Europe. Historical analysis of the visual elements in 19th-century Iranian photography shows that it was directly influenced by Iranian visual arts traditions, especially the Iranian painting tradition…

Fine Grains Around Us: Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2022 - University of Westminster

Review - May 2022

The exhibition is being held with works by Anastasia Samoylova, Jo Ractliffe, Deana Lawson and Gilles Peress on two floors of the Photographer’s Gallery in London. From making a linear story in Northern Ireland to Florida urban spaces, each project presents a unique image of the community the photographer is dealing with…